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Friday, April 22, 2005

Maxim 634

"It is easier to fall in love when you are out of it than to get out of it when you are in."

Hormones control the first – and when they subside, you have created memories with the person, and memories are difficult to disentangle oneself from. And the emotions remain strong in many ways, particularly in the recollection of memories. Thus, we have to get out of the emotions tied to memories as well. The time we have spent with the person entangles us, entwines our lives irrevocably. How can we lightly exit such a relationship? Since there is no memory tied to entrance into love, it is much easier to fall in love. Thus, we must not take love lightly, as it is too easy to do since falling in love is so much easier than falling out of love.

This is not to say that falling in love is easy. We make the mistake of thinking that we can talk someone else into falling in love with us. But this is a pointless, impossible task. Either the person is in love with you, or they are not. Either the hormones are present, or they are not. Either the woman’s immune system is sufficiently different from your own for her to find you attractive enough to ignore the pheromones men emit that make us repulsive to women, or it is not. One cannot reason about such things.


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